This is a very commonly asked question. And those who know and understand the answer to it are benefiting a lot. So, what is freelancing? How to become a freelancer? 

how to become a freelancer

Freelancing is an agreement based calling where rather than being enlisted in an association, the individual uses his abilities and experience to offer types of assistance to various customers. 

In basic terms, Freelancing is the point at which you utilize your abilities, training, and experience to work with numerous customers and take on different tasks without focusing on a solitary manager. The quantity of tasks that you can bring simply reduces your capacity to follow through on them as asked from them. 

Freelancing typically includes occupations (called gigs) that permit you to telecommute circumstances. Be that as it may, don’t relate Freelancing as equivalent to having work-from-home work.

Who is a freelancer?

who is a freelancer?

A freelancer or independent labourer is an independently employed individual who brings in cash by offering types of assistance to various customers. These services are related to the individual’s abilities and are not really given to simply organizations. 

Freelancers either utilize outsider stages like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer etc, to get business or utilize their network to get more business and offer types of assistance to their customers straightforwardly.

Another question raises here. Is freelancing the same as outsourcing?

Freelancing vs Outsourcing

Freelancing is procuring by working autonomously with no commitment. Whereas outsourcing is completing a task by a consultant by paying him/her without work. A Freelancer gets a task and the payment of the undertaking from an external source. An outsource project worker gives the task and its instalment to the freelancer.

So, both are connected but not the same.

Freelancing as a Career

Freelancing as a career

The number of freelancers is increasing each day. Freelancing is an exciting journey, you can do what you like, whether you are a developer, designer, blogger, IT professional, copywriter or have professional skills or training in other fields. The contract is usually partial or short-term. Freelancing provides great flexibility and control over your own time. Most freelancers choose their own time, work, and clients who work with them, and even freelancers have complete control over their earning potential, so they can waive their salary and earn as much income as possible. A freelancer is his own boss.

Freelancing is a famous preference for people with entrepreneurial intuition and one who desires to get away from the stern running shift. Taking freelancing as a professional choice isn’t as smooth as we think. Several individuals selected freelancing and later turned their direction to a more conventional activity within a year or two. This is because they were never actually suited for a freelance way of working.  Few traits have to be in you to be successful and to make freelancing your career.

Check List

  1. Are you self-motivated?
  2. Do you have the skills?
  3. As a freelancer, what is your job?
  4. Are you good at time management?
  5. Are you ready to take risks when required?
  6. Are you ready to work alone? because you do it by yourself most of the time?
  7. As a freelancer in your own company, you have multiple roles at the same time and you have to take on all management tasks?
  8. Are you ready to use yourself to reach your customers?

The competition for freelancers is growing every day. To stay one step ahead of the competition, you need to motivate yourself by setting fixed goals for yourself, continuously improving your skills and receiving feedback from customers regularly to improve what you do for others. If you are a student or full-time employee and want to become a freelancer while studying or working, you can register and look for potential clients on websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork.

How to Become a Freelancer?

Once you have matched yourself with the above Check List and you are positive, we shall proceed. The final question is how to become a freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer isn’t very hard. You can visit sites online that offer freelance jobs, register yourself and take tasks. Design an attractive portfolio so that people are attracted to it and are willing to give you the task. There are several websites out there:

how to become a freelancer

  • Fiverr: It is currently the largest platform to get freelance jobs and of course, the competition is high too. You can simply register yourself as a seller, fill in the required credentials, select your skills, publish attractive gigs and you’re good to go. check out our complete Fiverr guide.
  • Upwork: It is a more professional platform where you will find business-related clients to work with. You can register yourself almost similar to Fiverr. Check out our complete Upwork guide
  • This is the oldest and the best place for beginners to gain some experience before stepping into the big stage.

There are several more platforms but we have mentioned only the big ones. Now once you are registered and ready, you can find people to give a task. You should have a network where you can promote your services. The best place for this is social media, especially Facebook. We have discussed in detail how you can get your first order as a freelancer on any platform. Note that dedication, skills and hard work are the keys to success as a freelancer.