What are backlinks?

What Are Backlinks?


Backlink, also known as the inbound link, is created when a page from one website links to a page from another website. This is the basic definition of a backlink.


If you are related to the web development, web designing or SEO field, you must’ve heard about backlinks. Website owners who hire workers to work on their websites also have to deal with backlinks

Simply put, you have written an article on your newly started website and want more traffic on it. This is where backlinks come into play. To have more people watch your content, you create backlinks with other websites of the same niche as yours. Example


As shown in the image, ‘Website-B’ is your site and ‘Website-A’ is providing the backlink. Website-A is an old and popular website, so you ask them for backlinks to help grow your website. Now, there are two popular ways to request, which we will discuss later. After Website-A accepts your request, they will create an outgoing link in their content. This link, when clicked will open your page and hence a backlink will be created on your site. Hopefully, you’ve understood what are backlinks?

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In case you didn’t understand, this image should make it clear. This is an internal link we created for our website. Similarly, if we put a link to someone else’s page, it would be a backlink for them.  

Importance of backlinks

After understanding the topic, what are backlinks? let’s see their importance.

 Google has changed its algorithm many times. But backlinks remain in one of their three most important search engine ranking factors. Backlinks are considered as ‘Votes of confidence’ by Search Engines. Sites with more good quality backlinks rank higher on Search Engines. Wondering what good quality backlinks are? Here’s the explanation:

There is a term SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you want to rank higher in SERP, you should use quality backlinks. All backlinks are created differently. It means a single good quality backlink is better than 1000 low-quality backlinks

What Kinds Of Backlinks Are Valuable?

What Kinds Of Backlinks Are Valuable?

Here’s a guide to what kinds of backlinks are valuable for your website:

The pages or sites interlinking should be of the same type

Let’s say we published an article on the top 10 online games and the page we are linking to is the top 10 Currencies. Both are completely different industries. Google will read it but won’t give it much weightage. If the type of interlinking pages is the same, Google will give them much more weightage.

Links come from authoritative websites

Would you like a degree from Oxford or an unpopular university? Of course, you will prefer Oxford. Google thinks the same way. This concept is called Domain Authority (DA). Well-known sites have higher domain authority, so linking with them would share the same DA with you. 

Try not to link with the same domain twice 

If you think creating a backlink with the same website twice would make it stronger, you are wrong. According to research, creating backlinks with the same website 2nd, 3rd, 4th time decreases the value. It is better to create 10 backlinks from 10 different sites than to create 1000 from 100 sites.

The link must be Do-Follow

Search engines have strict algorithms. Backlinks with the ‘no-follow’ tag attached are ignored by search engines. They also don’t affect the rankings of the linked page. Link building takes time, so try finding do-follow backlinks.

Guide For Starters

The best way for starters to get organic traffic and get their name out in the market is Guest Posting.

Guide For Starters

Guest Posting

It means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website. You write for someone and in return, you get an external backlink to your article or website. This not only helps to build backlinks but also helps you get recognition in the market. Many big names of today started with guest posts for a boost.   

Hope you’ve understood what are backlinks and how to work on them.