Websites to get PLR articles

Writing plagiarism free and unique articles nowadays is a tough task for content writers, marketers, bloggers etc. It takes plenty of time to do research and write quality content. 

  • Choosing the perfect keywords
  • Researching content from different websites and sources
  • Fetching ideas and writing them in your own words
  • Make sure not a single line is plagiarized
  • For Freelancers, Making more changes to submitted work on the client’s request

These are some of the daily life things a content writer has to do. Outsourcing is an option but it usually costs a lot. Moreover, you don’t always get the results you anticipated. 

This is where PLR comes in. You can find a whole lot of PLR articles on the internet to use in your blogs, posts emails etc. All thanks to Private Label Rights. Today we will review the best websites to acquire PLR articles from. But before that, let’s take a look at what PLR is.

What is PLR and How Does It Work?

Private Label Rights(PLR) is a type of product or content that authorizes you to make changes to it and use it to your desire. Let’s take a daily life example to explain what PLR is.

You go to a supermarket and buy a packet of rice that has the supermarket’s label on it. So, did the supermarket make it? No, you can find the same product in a small general store. What the supermarket did is that they bought the private name products from the actual manufacturer. Thereby, they got the authority to put their label on the product and add/remove their desired elements to it. This is what PLR is. The same product, but with a different label and authority. 

How does It work?

When it comes to the online world, there is a variety of PLR content. articles, ebooks,  video, audio, graphics and software, all are available in PLR. A lot of ideas come to mind as soon as you hear all of this, Right? You can buy a PLR ebook, make some changes to it and sell it on your website. Similarly, you can do loads of stuff with the other PLR content. It is a very good idea for a home business. 

Now that you know what PLR is and how it works, let’s move on to the main topic.

Note the following points before we continue:

  • Always check PLR Articles for plagiarism before using them
  • Carefully read the license of the PLR content you buy
  • Posting duplicate content doesn’t get you organic traffic. It also affects if you’re going for Adsense approval.
  • Rewrite the article if it’s plagiarized.

Websites To Acquire PLR Articles From

Do keep in mind the points we discussed. The websites we’re going to discuss will give you articles of every sort. From completely plagiarized to high-quality content, you will find all that you can think of. Note that I am writing the websites in reverse order, from the least to the best. 


Just Pay an 89$ fee and access all kinds of content your entire life. is there since 2008 and has always been the boss. It is the biggest PLR membership website around. If you need a good amount of PLR products on a single budget, IDPLR offers a lot. Make sure to give them a visit.


The most customer-friendly PLR content website there is. They offer free training courses on how to use their products and have more content categories than other websites. The prices are also not very high. In short, is a website worth visiting.

  • Resell Rights Weekly:

resell rights weekly

Signup for free and they give you thousands of PLR articles for free. The website has content like ebooks, articles and software, most of them for free. Their setup is a little old-school to look at, and the quality is not promising. What makes them popular are their plentiful giveaways. Signup now to avail yourself of a good amount of free stuff.



BigProductStore offers the best quality products of any category you choose. A one-time subscription of 98.5$ allows you access to quality for a lifetime. They also offer a monthly plan to let you check if you like the products or not. They are confident about their services, so a moneyback is also offered in case you don’t like the products.

  • is the most modern PLR website there is. It is completely different from other PLR sites as its content is genuine and human-made. That’s the reason everything on this website is of a cost. To tell the truth, the content is costly but guarantees positive output which is why ‘’ should always be your first choice.


Hope you liked this article and got help from it. Also, check out other content on our website. If you are a freelancer, you might find freelancing as a career helpful