Best Ways To Get Your First Order On Fiverr- A Complete Fiverr Guide 2022

Best ways to get your first order on fiverr

The most common question asked by beginner freelancers working on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. How to get your first order? Today we will discuss the best ways to get your first order on Fiverr in 2022.

In freelancing, It takes time to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. After completing multiple projects you will become an expert based on the quality of work you have done. The better the quality, the more reviews you will get from the client.  

After having your Fiverr profile created properly, the next essential thing to do is develop a lovely and SEO-optimised gig on Fiverr. Your gig ranks and leaves an impact on the customers. The more customers come to your gig, the higher possibility to get an order. The more attractive it is, the more clicks it will get.  Remember, getting impressions is easier than getting clicks. That was confusing, right? Don’t worry, let me explain it to you stepwise. 

So, right here the motive behind why you aren’t getting orders isn’t having a non-ranked gig on Fiverr or the statistics you furnished on the gig. It can be the pricing, or the outline isn’t convincing the client to place an order. 

So let’s discuss from the start, all the way to getting your first order on Fiverr.

Making An Account On Fiverr (Guide)

Making An Account On Fiverr (Guide)

Choose A Relevant Name

When creating a profile on Fiverr, you’ve got numerous elements to attend to and the primary one is selecting a meaningful and relevant name. What does it mean when I say ‘A Relevant Name’? It simply means, to select a name that describes or points to your niche. Let’s say you are a web developer. Say you select the name “thomas_web”, it points directly towards your niche. So anyone who sees your name would automatically know that you are providing services related to the web. 

Profile Setup

Whenever a buyer visits your gig, he is likely to take a look at your profile. Let’s take an example of a content writer. A person publishes a gig as a content writer and a potential buyer opens his gig. Now if the buyer visits his profile and finds a poorly set-up profile, he will never consider placing an order. So which magic wand should you wave to attract buyers? Well, it’s not that complicated, just follow the points below:

  • Upload a professional profile picture:

A professional profile picture means that the only subject it contains is you; you are the main focus.

  • Write a formal description:

In the description section, introduce yourself formally to the Fiverr community. Describe yourself, what you do, and try to convey your practical qualities.

  • Select Languages:

Select the languages you speak and how well you speak them.

  • Occupation and Skills:

In the occupation section, you are asked to select your two primary fields of work. Select them honestly. Then moving on, select or suggest a maximum of 15 skills that you have gained. Either as a professional or from daily life. Again, be honest. 

  • Education, Certifications & Website:

Select or suggest when and where you attended school/college. Write about diplomas if you’ve done any. Select certifications you have gained and at the end, a personal website. The website works as a portfolio so it should be related to your niche. Do not worry if you don’t have a website yet, add when you finally have one.

  • Accounts linking & Security:

Link to your social media and professional accounts. It helps present yourself as a socially active individual.

So this was a guide on how to make the perfect account on Fiverr. Let’s move on to designing and publishing a GIG.

Publishing A Perfect Gig On Fiverr

Publishing A Perfect Gig On Fiverr

Unlike the saying, “the perfect snap doesn’t exist”, the Perfect Gig does. Let’s discuss how a perfect gig is created and how it helps to get your first order on Fiverr.

Gig Title & Category:

Your gig title must include the important terms that a customer uses to discover sellers for a particular service. Explain in short what you will do and make sure you stay within the “Just Perfect” mark. Gig tile and keywords(tags) have a deep relationship. The tags that you are going to use, try using most of them in your title too. We will discuss how to find the best tags later. The category is not something complicated but still, make sure you select the correct category and subcategory matching your Gig. Once published, the category of a gig cannot be changed.

Search Tags:

On Fiverr, keywords/tags play the most important role in ranking your gig. You can easily discover a few keyword concepts by searching niche related keywords on Fiverr itself. But be careful not to select a high competition keyword as a beginner. Go for the ones with under 3000 gigs on it. It shows how many people have used the same tag in their gig. The reason you go for low competition tags is obvious. The lesser the competition, the more chances you have to rank on the first page. Once ranked, you will gain impressions and clicks each day and some of them might end up ordering. 

A question rises here. How will you rank on the first page among thousands of people? That’s a trick. Go find it in the tricks to get your first order on Fiverr. 

Pricing & Scope:

As a new seller, always set the pricing to the minimum you may cross with. It by no means meant that you break the marketplace by going too low. I suggest you check out other gigs of the same niche as yours. See how much are big sellers demanding and how much new ones do. You will get an excellent concept of what the minimum price here means. 

In short and simple words, explain what you are offering. Make it easy for the client to understand. Add some extra services if you feel like it.

Description, FAQ & Requirements:

Write a clean and attractive description of what you are offering in your gig and what the buyer should expect. Highlight the important points and try to make them easy for the customer to read. Moving on, you’ll see the FAQ section. It is an optional section and if you write some informative questions and answers there related to your gig, It can help the client clear many of his doubts. 

Next comes the requirements section. The most common thing that sellers write here is “Inbox me before placing an order” which is a good move. It is important to talk about the project before giving or taking. Otherwise, you might end up ordering the wrong person or taking an undoable order. Such orders usually end up getting cancelled.


The last and most important step before publishing your gig is the gallery. Here you post a visual of our work in form of images, video and documents. You can post up to 1 video, 2 documents and 3 images. You can create very attractive images and videos that will attract buyers to your gig if you know editing and stuff. But even if you don’t, you can still create awesome images and videos for your gig. We will talk about this later in the article.

See other sellers gig images and try making your’s different so that a buyer can note it from the crowd. If it’s miles feasible, upload a demo video in the gig, it’s going to make your gig status healthier.

To comply with Fiverr’s conditions, only upload content you either have the license to use or content that you own.

After this, you can now publish your gig. So, a completely SEO friendly Gig has been published, the next goal is to get your first order.

Tips & Tricks To Get Your First Order

Below are several tips and tricks that will help you get your first order on Fiverr. Some of the topics are already discussed in the previous section so I won’t be repeating all the points.

Keeping Your Prices Low:

As a beginner, you want a beginning edge, you need to gather trust, recognition and a few honest reviews. So keep your prices low. I have already explained what “keeping your prices low” means.  Start by taking low budget orders, complete them efficiently and demand positive reviews from the buyer. When you’ve got a standing of honest reviews from many orders, grow the pricing slowly. Do not focus much on the quantity of cash you are making till you attain Level 1. 

Buyer Requests:

Buyer Requests:

Buyer requests are from where you get most of the orders. Buyer requests is a separate section where people post their requirements along with time and budget. If a request is related to your niche, it will be visible to you and you can send an offer of your own. If you are confident that you can fulfil the requirements of the request, send an offer immediately. Follow the points for sending a perfect offer:

  • Be in the first 10 to send the offer, Buyers usually don’t read the late ones.
  • Offer your services in the same or lesser budget than the one mentioned by the buyer.
  • Write a gripping description of your offer but don’t get carried away. 
  • Offer something extra.
  • if you can comfort a with quick, clear-cut inspiration, there’s a good chance to get an order easily!

You can send 10 offers a day, so send them responsibly.

Social Media Promotion:

More than 3.8 Billion people use social media. So even if you don’t get a good response from within Fiverr, there are always people on social media who require your services. The best social media platform for this purpose is Facebook. It has the highest number of users and a lot of groups that you can join relevant to your niche. You can post your profile or Gig’s link in the comment section of related posts. This is how I got my first order.

Another way is to boost your profile on social media. This way you can reach more audiences and there are good chances of getting your first order. 

Make a Blog:

Another effective and professional way to promote your services is by creating a blog or portfolio website. You can post your niche related blogs and stuff on it. Use it as your portfolio to showcase your work to potential customers.

Giving Something For Free:

Being a new seller, It is always a positive gesture to give something for free. It will encourage the buyer to place more orders or more quantities. Some common ways to do so are:

  1. Offering a discount on first order.
  2. Offer a discount on a specific quantity or quality of your service. 
  3. Offer extra services for free

For example, you can offer a 30% discount if someone orders your content writing gig for the first time. Offer “ Buy one get one free” on your standard package such that, the customer orders for one Article and you write another one of his choices for free. You will explore more brilliant ways as you spend more time on Fiverr.

Using Quora:

You might’ve heard that most of the websites get their 50% traffic from Quora. Quora has a large number of users, 300 Million active users each month. Among so many users, you have a chance to find someone who requires your services. You will find a ton of questions relevant to your niche on Quora. All you have to do is answer them and leave a link to your blog within your answer. Don’t spam it, do it in a professional manner that attracts people.  

Engaging Gig Images and Videos:

If you are a graphics designer or an editing guy, making engaging images and videos is not an issue for you. Even if you’re not there are free apps and websites that can help you. The best place to design awesome images and all kinds of stuff is To create brilliant videos for your Gig, you can use You can easily start by using the free version. If needed, buy the premium package once you start earning.

So these were the best ways to get your first order on Fiverr. 

This article discussed a complete guide on how you can create a perfect profile on Fiverr, Publish a perfect Gig and get your first order. Hope you found it helpful, Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned for more amazing blogs and articles